Teaching Programme 3: Emerging Sustainable Architecture

Teaching programme 3 offers study environments that harness the school's vision of 'Engaging Through Architecture' and its three focus areas: transformation, habitation, and sustainability at both Bachelor's and Master's level. The programme has a specific focus on sustainability.


Teaching Program 'Emerging Sustainable  Architecture' is passionate about investigating and imagining architectural approaches to the societal, climatic and environmental challenges in a rapidly changing world. We explore the making of space and our role within this process through emerging methods and tools both at different scales and in local and global contexts. We design for the needs and well-being of people which is the foundation for a resilient and healthy environment. 

Our emphasis is on examining how trans-disciplinary approaches involving anthropology, sociology and psychology can qualify architectural design and how contextual influences such as politics, history, culture, ethics, climate/climate change, pollution, ecology, (scarce) resources, economy, technology, etc., can foster new qualities and imagination. These contextual influences enrich and inspire rather than inhibit architectural design.