How can you make BEAUTIFUL models without being able to access the school facilities? 

The Fabrication Lab is happy to provide students a collection of resources including links to alternative fabrication methods, facilities, and other workarounds that can help make model making at home under quarantine a little bit easier, efficient, and most importantly, achievable given the currently limited resources.

Grasshopper and software helpdesk

The Fabrication Lab would like to support your efforts in using Grasshopper and other computational tools. If you need assistance for this, you are welcome to write to

A collection of tutorials and resources teaching the fundamentals of using software to produce architectural renders that can be applied towards many different rendering styles.

The school has an array of different machining facilities that allow you to cut, shape, and finish raw material such as metal, wood, and concrete.

The cutting machines at the school are capable of cutting or engraving wood, metal, paper, and cardboard with high precision. 
3D printing allows you to produce precise and complex geometries that normally would be hard to achieve with other modes of making. The Fabrication Lab offers FDM, SLS, and SLA printing in plastic, resin, and plaster.
In the 3D lab you have the possibility of using different tools to create point clouds from large scale object such as whole buildings all the way down to tiny details.

The methods that we support are photogrammetry, and LiDAR scanning using either an object scanner (robotics arm) or a space scanner (portable LiDAR scanner on a tripod). 

In the wood workshop you will find the school's different CNC milling machines. If you are in doubt about how to use the machines please contact the workshop staff or refer  to the guide below.

This page outlines the use of the school’s robotic facilities, which comprise nine ABB IRB 120s and one ABB IRB 6620. The interesting thing about the robots is that you can use them to extend you methods of working, by designing a simple process/tool that can augment your capabilities in terms of cutting or putting something together.