Teaching Program-2 is applicable to both BA and MA specific teaching programs described in the overall structure revisions, where BA teaching offers general teaching programs within the field of architecture and with a ‘toning’ towards the agenda described below, whereas MA teaching offers specific teaching programs within the description below.

All study programs should develop the school’s general vision: Engaging through Architecture and the three focus areas: Transformation, Habitation and Sustainability, in teaching program-2 with a specific and clear emphasis on Habitation


Teaching program-2 will be devoted to:

studyingtechnology and building cultures across all scales of the built environment within a field of work to be comprised equally of theoretical, technical and artistic competences. The teaching program will be pivotal to work developed in the workshops of the school, where attention will be given to using practice-based learning, and in particular hands-on, 1:1 experiments and workshop based cognition. The study of technology and building cultures will be developed through the technical practices of building and assembling across all scales, as well as the manifold social, political, philosophical and representational ideas, in which architecture has been developed worldwide throughout time.


With reference to specific building cultural practices and ideas, the teaching program will embrace the full range of architectural materials and technologies - from traditions, into manufacturing methods and digitally controlled form generation. Attention will be paid to questions on structural design, construction methods, components, material tectonics, computational development, detailing, with particular emphasis on the experience of substance and spaces, contextual relationships, spatial organisations, spatial properties, light, colour, and with due respect to environmental issues.