Teaching Program-3 is applicable to both BA and MA specific teaching programs described in the overall structure revisions, where BA teaching offers general teaching programs within the field of architecture and with a ‘toning’ towards the agenda described below, whereas MA teaching offers specific teaching programs within the description below.

All study programs should develop the school’s general vision: Engaging through Architecture and the three focus areas: Transformation, Habitation and Sustainability, in teaching program-3 with a specific and clear emphasis on Sustainability

Teaching program-3 will be devoted to:

studying environmental challenges and sustainable agendas that can influence designing architectural space today, with sustainable agendas that inform an architectural approach to solving challenges across all scales, from resourcing to include for example cradle to cradle, upcycling and regeneration/transformation. Emphasis should be on influences brought by demands for sustainable solutions, and specific contexts – environmentally, sociological context and the physical environment and address the professional challenges of emerging alternative practices that can complement in their goals for a better environment.